Jane Mackinnon

We are the only institution in Europe dedicated to delivering high quality double degree programmes to an elite group of young people. Our students go through a rigorous selection procedure which allows us to identify their motivation and potential to successfully complete our demanding programme.


The CESEM spirit is created and maintained by the openness, curiosity and high levels of energy that each student brings to the school. In addition, the mix of 11 different nationalities working together, both in class and socially, creates a stimulating multicultural environment that you will not find in other schools.


If you want to be part of a unique international experience that has been in operation for over thirty years then this is the school for you. After your CESEM experience, the world is your oyster!


Jane MacKinnon,
CESEM Director

Ross MAC ARTAIN (1963-2014)

Ross MAC ARTAIN was Director of CESEM between 2008 and 2014. He was a visionary leader and a vigorous ambassador for the values and aims of the programme. As Director, he pushed boundaries to forge stronger collaboration, create new partnerships and reinforce the influence and visibility of CESEM. He was a manager of great finesse who knew how to inspire a dynamic of efficiency through his signature style of energy, ambition and humour. Above all, Mr. MAC ARTAIN was a programme director who always had time for his students whom he influenced with both firmness and encouragement to excel even beyond their own ambition. We are all deeply moved by his passing and Ross MAC ARTAIN will always remain one of the pillars of the CESEM programme.